Free trading plattform for refugees.

Give & Need connects people who urgently NEED things
with people who can GIVE things or have a service to offer.



To get things done fast and now we need your help

We are thankful for any donation such as good's, services or money, so we can help individuals to integrate and develop their biography in a positive direction.

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Whether it is a music lesson or a school book, it's mostly a small step for us to get it, but for a refugee it's a huge hurdle, because these expenses aren't covered by the government. WE LIKE TO CHANGE THIS TODAY!


The idea

Most refugees had to leave all their belongings, families and friends behind. After a stressful journey they arrive often with nothing more than a few clothes. On the other hand, we have a lot of stuff in our flats, cupboards, houses, cellars, garages, ateliers, which is hardly ever used.

Let's get unused but useful things to people who urgently need it!

How it works

Think of what you could give, that is no more needed, make a picture, upload it with a short description, add your address, e-mail and/or phone number and decide whether you deliver it (personally or by post) or it has to be picked up. Done!

Once a gift has been taken on the platform, both parties receive an email (or sms/whats-app message) with the contact information. Define a date and time for delivery/pick-up or arrange a meeting point nearby.

Please consider that traveling is a huge problem for refugees due to the lack of money. Take the chance to deliver your gift personally and be rewarded by meeting a thankful person. Integration at its best!

Refugees get very little money per day, are not allowed to work, and need to start again from scratch. They need more or less everything for a living. A pan, a plate to eat, chairs, a table, train tickets, bikes or clothes. They want to learn german and do sports, need a hair cut from time to time and other services. You name it!

Connecting with refugees is an inspiring thing and encourages the understanding on both sides. Take the chance to meet someone from a different place, culture or religion. Meet, connect and make friends!

Stuff lying around without being used is a waste of resources. Enlarging usage time of any material helps to save precious resources on this planet. Remember, war of resources is one of the reasons, why these people are refugees!

Getting rid of your unused stuff is liberating and gives space for other things in life, go for it!

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About us

Ralph MoserSilvan Groher (Idea, Concept, Development & PR)
Julia Ambroschütz (Drawings)
Marius Morger (Design)

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